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Cash Denominations Excel Sheet (Rs. 200 Note) For Banks

v4 Cash Scroll : The most advanced cash denominations software for bank cashiers in india – Now with Rs.2000 and Rs.200 note after demonitisation.

v4 Cash Scroll is the most advanced cash denomination excel sheet for bank cashiers and tellers in India, for tallying cash transactions in the counters. Cash Vault Register can be printed and filed instead of writing it manually. By using v4 Cash Scroll, Cashiers can view the exact denominations of currencies available in their counter and vault without checking it manually. Now version 4 comes with SMART Mode (Automatic) and MANUAL Mode with the newly introduced currency denominations of Rs.2000 and Rs.200 notes.

Work Flow – Receipts, Payments, Exchanges, Transfers within Vault & Tellers

Cash payments, receipts and exchanges over the counter are entered in the respective Tabs, Alerts are made if there are any difference in the denominations to avoid shortage of cash or excess amount. Similarly, Transfer of cash from the vault to head cashier and head cashier to tellers vice-versa are entered in the respective tabs .

v4 Cash Scroll SMART MODE – Automatic

SMART MODE gives live status of cash denominations. It includes the cash positions of counter balance, vault balance, opening cash, closing cash, calculators, Payments, Receipts and exchanges done. Cash Vault Register report can be printed, signed and filed by cashier and manager at EOD (Day End). Below is the Screenshot of SMART Mode:

v4 Cash Scroll MANUAL MODE

Even if you do not want to enter the work flow as shown above, But want to print the cash vault register, Cashiers can manually enter the denominations of hand balance and vault sections manually, and print the sheet.

v4 Cash Scroll TNT – Today and Tomorrow

This is the Tab where you start your day. Vault opening balance can be copy pasted from yesterdays v4 Cash Scroll, and the hand balance is automatically calculated. At day end, you can copy paste the amount to be transferred to vault. User manual is included in the Read Tab with detailed instructions on how to use v4 Cash Scroll – The complete cash management software for bank cashiers and tellers in India.

v4 Cash Scroll – Version: 4.0.1
Released on : 1st August, 2017

Software Requirements: OpenOffice Calc
Install OpenOffice to use this file. Download Apache OpenOffice here.

Download v4 Cash Scroll

Cash Denominations Excel Sheet for Bank Cashiers and Tellers in India.

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Thank you very much.
I have been using the older v3 cash scroll and its very useful in our branch.
Now with the introduction of rs.200 note I was wondering what to do again.
Thanks for the updated scroll. v4 cash scroll looks excellent.
Thanks again.